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Machine Design

While no two machine design tasks are identical, the process of cost-effectively designing and building machines has many constant elements.

From simple mechanisms to computer-controlled robotic marvels, The Pilot Group is expert at performing design, analysis and fabrication on a schedule and for a fixed price.

Control Systems Design

Control systems require expertise in both the physical system and the theoretical underpinnings.

The Pilot Group can bring a broad range of abilities to bear on most projects. As a result, we are able to cost-effectively design and integrate almost any control system needed.

Electronics Design

The Pilot Group has in-house expertise to design and fabricate custom electronics, both analog and digital. We also have the experience to know when off-the-shelf solutions are available.

Structural Design

As a result of years of experience, The Pilot Group has the ability to design and fabricate structures ranging from small buildings to large machines.


Careful and targeted analysis forms the basis for the designs we later produce. We can also perform stand-alone analyses to establish the feasibiilty of a particular engineering concept.