Products by The Pilot Group

Equipment for IOL Manufacturers

The Pilot Group has supported the intraocular lens industry since the mid 90’s, producing inspection equipment for the prototyping and full scale production of lenses.

Our products are designed specifically to meet IOL manufacturers needs. With a change in fixturing, they can usually be adapted to also measure contact lenses and other optics. Let us know what you need, and if we can’t make it for you, we’ll tell you who can.

Professional Astronomy Equipment

Our high speed, high accuracy telescope mounts and optics were originally developed for research in the field of transient astronomical events.

Currently in use by government labs and remotely controlled observatories, our telescopes meet the needs of professional researchers.

High-temperature Metal Forming Equipment

The Pilot Group is one of only a handful of companies that can offer expertise in the area of superplastic forming (SPF) of titanium. We have built a number of press control systems and forming machines for customers in the metal forming industry.

Other Products. . .

Innovation is often demanded for the jobs we take on. On some occasions we end up designing clever systems that we wish were readily available off-the-shelf.

Check with us. We've solved quite a few problems, and we may already have something close to what you need.