Products by The Pilot Group Inc.

Press Control System

Our Press Control System can operate large and small superplastic forming presses and precisely meters the flow rate of gas into and out of the forming die. The system was designed to control superplastic forming (SPF) and diffusion bonding (DB) of titanium and has been used for the production of engine and fuselage parts on the newest generation of passenger aircraft. With coarse and fine controls, this system is ideal for any forming press process that requires tight control of position, pressure, temperature, and rate of deformation.

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Hot-Stretch Forming Machine

The Hot-Stretch Forming machine is designed to meet the needs of aerospace titanium suppliers. With a 100-ton forming capacity, the HSF (hot stretch forming) machine can bend large cross section beams with high accuracy and stress relieve parts in place, while maintaining optimal forming temperatures and creep rates. The HSF machine effectively eliminates the need for traditional bump forming and heat treatment for high-value aerospace parts.

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