Products by The Pilot Group Inc.

Intraocular Lens Inspection Service

The Pilot Group provides certification services for both IOL’s and standard lenses. Our measurements are traceable to NIST standards. Parameters we certify include:
  • Effective focal length (EFL)
  • Back focal length (BFL)
  • Resolution and resolution efficiency
  • Modulation transfer function (MTF)
  • Lens geometry
  • Power in aqueous

For multifocal IOL’s we can also measure:
  • Add power
  • Through focus response (TFR)
  • Visual subjective quality factor (SQFV)

For accommodating IOL’s, we can measure:
  • Radial deflection forces
  • Axial deflection forces
  • Lens vault

Be sure to notify us if you need measurements in a temperature-controlled eye cell per ISO Standard 11979-2.

Price Range: Call us for pricing

EFL Inspection Bench

Our EFL (effective focal length) bench is designed for low to medium volume production or prototype lens measurement. It is available with a variety of options to allow users to measure focal length, resolution, astigmatism and MTF for most lenses, all acording to ISO specs. Usually integrated with a high quality image acquisition system, the EFL bench can make your production verification of lenses more repeatable and less tiring for the operators. Typical options include custom lens fixturing and software modifications to suit your specific needs.

Click here to download a PDF spec sheet

Pricing: $29,000-$54,500, depending on features required.

Automated Inspection Bench

Our Automated Inspection Bench is designed to meet the needs of high volume IOL manufacturers. This bench measures 60 lenses in aqueous, indexing to each lens, switching targets and acquiring images automatically. Operators need only load lenses into a tray and insert the tray into the inspection bench. Currently, these machines operate 24 hours a day inspecting lenses for major IOL manufacturers.

Please contact us with specific measurement needs for pricing